State of Hawaii Certified Trusted Testing Partner

"CityHealth strongly recommends that passengers participating in the Hawaii Safe Travels Program use the Molecular PCR test and that they schedule the test within 72 hours from the final leg of departure to Hawaii to allow ample time to receive results."
Sean Parkin
CEO, CityHealth Urgent Care

Certified Trusted Testing and Travel Partner

Available Testing Options

The State of Hawaii pre-travel testing program requires passengers five and older to take a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory within 72 hours from the final leg of departure. City Health offers two types of tests that meet this specification and fulfill the State of Hawaii’s requirement:

This is considered the “gold standard” test with the highest degree of reliability. The test takes a few minutes to collect and the sample is sent to a lab that processes the test and the result. Results are transmitted by e-mail typically in 24 - 48 hours from the time a sample is collected. Wait time for results may vary based on nationwide demand.

It is important to note that the Hawaii Safe Travels program “72-hour clock” starts at the time the results are collected.


Register for Testing

Testing kits are in very limited supply so it is very important that you book an appointment using our online scheduling tool.

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Testing is 100% free for all with insurance. Please bring your insurance card so we can communicate with your provider who will cover the cost of testing.


Arrive on time at your selected location

When you arrive at the testing location, please follow the signage for the COVID-19 testing site.


Check your email for OnPatient Link

Your sample is sent to one of our lab partners. We’ll email you a link to activate your OnPatient account, which will be used to send your results.


View Results Online

You will receive a link to view your results within 24 – 48 hours from the time a sample is collected. Wait time for results may vary based on nationwide demand. Results are viewed through OnPatient.


Submit results to State of Hawaii

You Must Register For a “Hawaii Safe Travels” Account at least 24 hours before departure and follow the instructions on the website. Click here to register

For Trans-Pacific Travel

The mandatory 14-day quarantine for all out-of-state travelers remains in effect. The fourteenth supplementary emergency proclamation that was signed on October 13, 2020 continues this requirement, which has been in place since March 26.

All incoming travelers are required to create a profile and fill out an online health questionnaire on Safe Travels. This information is being collected to help keep us all safe and may be used to enforce quarantine rules. 

Check the Hawaiʻi State Department of Transportation’s website for the latest news regarding travel. Recommendations for visitors and residents are frequently being updated.

Oakland International Airport advises Hawaii passengers to do all possible in their own interest to be tested two to three days before their scheduled departure.

Oakland International Airport strongly advises passengers planning to connect to a Hawaii-bound flight at OAK to complete testing, transmit results and receive authorization using the Safe Travels system prior to departure at their point of origin. Doing so prepares travelers for an easy journey; avoiding the risk of a missed connection, an unplanned COVID test result and the associated delays and expenses.

Our Testing Locations

New Testing Location at Sacramento Airport

CityHealth is proud to announce the opening of our COVID-19 testing center at SAC in a partnership with the Sacramento Airport. We are providing COVID-19 test to travelers and community members.


All adults (18 years and older) must register on the state of Hawaii Safe Travels digital system. You will be required to upload your negative pre-travel test result and answer a health questionnaire 24 hours prior to your departure.

Each child traveling with an adult should be included in the adult’s Safe Travels’ form.

Yes, contact the Safe Travels Service Desk (10 a.m. to 10 p.m. HST): 1-855-599-0888 or visit the FAQ Site.


Beginning October 15, passengers who successfully complete a pre-travel test will not be subject to the state’s 14-day quarantine program. FDA-approved NAAT tests, processed by a CLIA-certified laboratory are the only types of coronavirus tests currently approved by the state of Hawaii. The state of Hawaii will ONLY accept test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS: AFC Urgent Care, Bartell Drugs, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care, Color, CVS Health, Discovery Health MD, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, Vault Health and Walgreens (as of 10/13/20).

No, an antibody or antigen test will NOT be accepted. If you take the wrong test, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

VISITORS: Your lodging must be in a hotel or motel, and you will only be able to leave your accommodations for a medical emergency.

RESIDENTS: You must remain in your room, and you will only be able to leave your home for a medical emergency.

TRAVELERS VISITING FRIENDS/FAMILY: You must remain in your room, and you will only be able to leave the home for a medical emergency.

Yes, minors five years and older must take the pre-travel test. (Minors four years and younger do NOT need to take the pre-travel test.)

Proof of identity is required. You’ll also need to show your appointment confirmation, either by email or text message. Be sure to have your mobile phone in case we need to reach you.

If you have insurance, your insurance will cover testing.

Same day testing is available for an additional fee.

CityHealth Urgent Care - CityHealth Urgent Care and its team of expert clinical staff and infectious disease physician consultants offer testing utilizing state-of-the-art Molecular PCR Test. Tests available for ages five and older. 

Please inquire directly with your preferred carrier on status of pre-travel testing programs. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Oakland International Airport understand the pre-travel testing requirements and are reliable sources of testing and for information as to testing options (as of 10/13/20).

Alaska Airlines -

American Airlines -

Hawaiian Airlines -

Oakland International Airport -

Southwest Airlines -

United Airlines -

Within 72 hours from the final leg of departure. If you have a multi-city itinerary, it’s the departure time at the last city before arriving at a Hawaii airport.


If your trans-Pacific flight arrives into Honolulu for a layover (same-day flight) before departing to a different island, you need two separate QR codes, one for each leg of your trip. If your trans-Pacific flight arrives at any neighbor island airport for a layover before departing to Honolulu, you need one QR code.

If you have just a layover in Honolulu then the negative test result is good through to your final destination. If your break in Honolulu is more than a layover, then you are captured by the interisland quarantine.


A traveler who takes a test within 72 hours from the scheduled final leg of departure, and has a negative test result, and whose departure is delayed by the airline, will not be subject to the state 14-day quarantine. This provision will not apply to any additional county-imposed quarantine rules separate and apart from the state's pre-test waiver.

Upload your negative result** on your Safe Travels account. 24 hours prior to boarding your flight, log on your Safe Travels account and answer a health questionnaire and receive a QR code​.

**Please keep this negative test result with you as you may be asked to show your negative test result upon checking in at your hotel or motel accommodations.

No. This is a pre-travel testing program. If you did NOT take the test prior to your departure, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Your lodging must be in a hotel or motel, and you will only be able to leave your accommodations for a medical emergency.

In order to qualify for a COVID-19 exemption to the 14-day quarantine, you must submit two pieces of information and receive approval prior to arrival: 1.) Copy of a positive test (must be a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory) taken no more than 90 days prior to your departure date; and 2.) a signed letter from a medical provider stating that you have not exhibited symptoms and are fully recovered (this letter must be signed at least 10 days after your positive test and no more than 14 days from your departure date). All documents must be on company-issued letterhead and submitted to [email protected] for processing prior to travel. Please allow a week for processing.

The state has a multi-layered screening process to protect the health and safety of everyone traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. All incoming travelers will have their temperature taken by thermal screen.

NEGATIVE RESULT – You will be in quarantine until the negative test results are uploaded to your Safe Travel account and reported to the State Department of Health. The state will send you a confirmation and your name will be removed from the quarantine list.

POSITIVE RESULT – Traveler must remain in quarantine. Health services guidance will also be provided by the State Department of Health. If you are traveling with others, they will be required to quarantine in Hawaii for 14 days.

No, but you will be in quarantine until your negative test result is received and uploaded to your Safe Travels account.

Without a pre-travel test, travelers will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Your lodging must be in a hotel or motel, and you will only be able to leave your accommodations for a medical emergency.


No. This is a pre-travel testing program. If you don’t take the test prior to departure, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Yes. The partial inter-island travel quarantine requirement applies to any person traveling to and between the islands of Kauai, Hawaii, and the islands comprising the Counties of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. The period of self-quarantine will begin immediately upon arrival and last 14 days or the duration of your stay on the island, whichever is shorter. The inter-island quarantine continues through November 30. Each island county manages its own process. For more information by island:

  • Kauai County- For quarantine request, click on the “Modified Quarantine Request” button at the top of the Kauai COVID-19 website
  • Maui County
  • Hawaii County- For Hawaii County Critical infrastructure and medical travel request, click on the link at the top of the Hawaii County COVID-19 website

No, the inter-island quarantine does not include inter-island travelers arriving on Oahu.

No. Travelers who are still in their 14-day self-quarantine are not permitted to fly to another island. Once the trans-Pacific quarantine is complete and should travelers opt to fly inter-island, the partial inter-island travel quarantine will apply. The traveler will be required to complete a 14-day quarantine as previously outlined.

Yes. Currently, international travel restrictions prohibit European and other countries from traveling to the U.S.

Each island county is at different levels of reopening. Businesses are instructed to follow CDC guidelines of social distancing and wearing of masks covering the nose and mouth. Following are links to each county site:

Kauai County

City and County of Honolulu

Maui County

Hawaii County

Yes. The state parks on each island are at different levels of reopening. Please click here (Department of Land and Natural Resources) for more information.


Yes. The national parks on each island are at different level of reopening. Please click here (National Park Service) for more information.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the extension of a No Sail Order for cruise ships. This order continues to suspend passenger operations on cruise ships with the capacity to carry at least 250 passengers in waters subject to U.S. jurisdiction. On August 5, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) announced that its ocean-going cruise line members have agreed to voluntarily suspend U.S. cruise operation until at least October 31, 2020.

By following the simple and sensible guidelines below, you are sharing your aloha with the people of Hawaii and fellow travelers.


Yes. Please always wear your mask or facial covering in public. Your mask or facial covering must cover your nose and mouth. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds each time. Please practice social distancing, which is staying six feet away from others.